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Come sostituire il sensore del tasto Home.

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    • In questa guida imparerai come riparare il tasto Home dell'iPhone 7. Per vedere altre riparazioni degli iPhone, dai un 'occhiata alle alle altre mie guide!


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Alex Sander

Membro da: 02/28/17

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Do you have clear instructions and tools how to do it

Abbigail huari - Replica

So do you need to move the chip to replace the home button?

Dylan McGarrity - Replica

You need to reball or replace the chip to repair Touch ID.

Alex Sander -

If the home button or its flex cable is broken then it's completely shot, short of taking it to an Apple store for a replacement.

On the other hand, it could also be caused by the home button's extension flex cable running through the back of the lcd, and/or a damaged camera/speaker flex cable on top. So make sure to check all those out carefully before resorting to the Apple store.

After reading through a lot of suggestions, here's one which sounded interesting to me. Low and behold, this solution has actually worked!! I have removed that single screw completely, restarted the phone, and the home button started working perfectly.

05/31/2017 by screensaviors

I loosened the screw behind the center of the home button (holding it to the metal bracket), and it magically works now. This may not fix a lot of them, but it worked for me. I was just tightening that screw snug, but must have been too snug.

billa.4you - Replica

Very good points, it will certainly help people to resolve some of their problems, thanks for sharing your experience!

Alex Sander -

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