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  1. Tieni premuti tutti e tre i tasti sul Fitbit Ionic finché non vedi il logo Fitbit.
    • Tieni premuti tutti e tre i tasti sul Fitbit Ionic finché non vedi il logo Fitbit.

    • Potresti vedere lo schermo lampeggiare di nero per un istante. Continua a tenere premuti tutti e tre i tasti.

    Says my battery is at medium but the reset is not doing anything and the screen is black and looks turned off. My sync can’t find the ionic but it says the battery is at medium. I was in the middle of a workout and it was working fine then looked at it again and black screen and nothing has worked to get it started again. Lori

    Lori Neu - Replica

    Actually, you ores the button on the left and top right to do a restart. That might help you more. Sometimes you need to alternate between technique mentioned above then what I mentioned then above again. Though when you start to have issues contact Fitbit right away. They sent me a new one and my old one just went haywire. Unusable. I will be attempting to open it up and if I have luck I’ll make a guide on take apart.

    Cam S - Replica

    Charged 12 hours

    3 buttons and 2 buttons alternately with 2 min gaps between .Buttons pressed up to 3 min

    Screen completely blank.

    Started when Ionic lost contact with phone. Tried even restart . Finally 'Factory Reset' nothing.

    90 years old aching fingers help please

    Allen Williams

    Date purchase 27/9/19 Argos

    A H Williams - Replica

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Carlos Oulman

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More than likely your ionic will brick itself if you do a factory reset, mine did.

gregory_91 - Replica

This guide does not show how to do a factory reset but rather shows how to force the device to restart.

Carlos Oulman -

Thank you for this. I accidentally discovered this. It took 8 hours to not get this suggestion from Fitbit support.

Natasha ten Krooden - Replica

Thanks Carlos. My main screen was black this morning. I could swipe to other screens, and found instructions about powering down using the Settings etc, but Settings just stayed on Settings for me, so I had to find some way of using the buttons to restart. I found this! It worked for me. Back to normal after restart.

coopergraham5 - Replica

I had a blank screen and was able to swipe and see other screens. This reset fixed the problem thanks

David Coull - Replica

Thank you!!!! I have only had it a week or two and thought here we go again. Hopefully this isn’t a reoccurring thing!! Thanks again!

reinhardt.christine - Replica

Nope, after my ionic stopped pairing, I went for factory reset and now it doesn’t restart. Not much help from Fitbit support

rajesh_save - Replica

I did a factory reset (via the watch options) for my Fitbit Ionic and it won't turn on anymore.

I have tried to plug in for 8+ hours:

1. Press 3 buttons for 15 seconds

2. Press left and bottom right button for 15 seconds

3. Press left button only for 15 seconds

all can't wake my Ionic up..Please please please help.

Ram Acharya - Replica

Any updates?

tmhajj -

This has worked for me till last week now holding all 3 buttons doesn’t do a reset just screen blanks or 0% red image appears

mark ribbon - Replica

buena tarde, mi fitbit ionic estaba bien y de pronto de apago, que puedo hacer por favor ayuda me hace falta mi reloj.

crow_96 - Replica

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