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Bose Soundlink Mini II micro switch / buttons repair

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  1. Bose Soundlink Mini II micro switch / buttons repair, Remove the rubber strip for operation: passo 1, immagine 1 di 1
    • To access the microswitches, you have to remove the rubber strip for the operation with the symbols ON/ - / o / + /|.

    • This is easily done with a fingernail. Simply "hook" (press into the space between the rubber and the housing) one corner of the strip with your fingernail and then move your finger towards the rubber. The rubber strip is simply inserted into the groove along the housing, so it will come off quite easily.

    • Now you can see the "series defect" or planned obsolescence in most cases. The keys / microswitches are coated with some type green grease on top. This grease "creeps" over time into the space between the button housing and the button. This grease has to be removed from the keys.

  2. Bose Soundlink Mini II micro switch / buttons repair, Clean the buttons: passo 2, immagine 1 di 1
    • I used contact spray to clean it. However, alcohol should also work. Using very small or pointed tweezers, grab a small piece of kitchen paper or absorbent cotton and remove the visible grease from the button that is no longer working properly.

    • Now very CAREFULLY spray a little contact spray on the gold part or the space, between the gold "pusher" and the push button housing. Wipe along the golden element with the tweezers and the small piece of cloth, also press the button a few times.

    • Now you can remove the sticky lubricant from the space between the push-button element (gold) and the housing (silver) by "spraying" droplets and wiping around it, always changing the cloth. This procedure must be repeated very often - at least 20 times, until the absorbent cloth no longer turns green.

    • During the process you can see or feel, that the golden element can be pressed easier, or even turned again easily, which was not possible before. The often missing pressure point, the "key click" can also be felt again.


If everything is working well again and all keys that were "stiff" are working again, then you can replace the rubber strip. To do this, simply insert the rubber strip into the housing groove at one corner and then press it into the groove all around.

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