Step 1 Make sure your Iphone is turned on and unlocked

Step 2 Plug in your phone with a USB if you are using apple , If you are using Android make sure your blue tooth is turned on .

Step 3 Go into settings and connect your phone to the car .

Step 4 If you accidentally wipe the screen use a micro cloth , and you can use the scroller to scroll through radio stations and things on pone if your wipe the screen .

Step 5 If you music on your phone doesn't work restart the car and re plug in the USB or lighting cable back into your phone .

Step 6 If still doesn't work take the car back to the dealership

Step 7 It might be a computer malfunction

Step 8 It might be that you don't have a chord in the usb

Step 9 Car Play is only Iphones and with a cord

Step 10 Doesn't still doesn't work take back and explain to the dealer and the would replace it .

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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