Disassembly of the Amazon Fire Tablet 5th Generation revealed a simple design with a LCD display, motherboard, battery, and unfused digitizer. The digitizer and battery adhesives needed some elbow grease to break through, but overall we were happy to award this design a 7 out of 10 for repairability.

  1. Front and back reference shots.
    • Front and back reference shots.

  2. There are only clips holding the assembly together. No adhesive makes for much easier device access.
    • There are only clips holding the assembly together. No adhesive makes for much easier device access.

    • The plastic back cover comes off to reveal the battery, motherboard, and display hiding on the other side.

    • We can also see smaller components, including a speaker and a camera.

    • This battery isn't super easy to remove. It's held in with several adhesive strips that require force to separate.

    • We use a card to fight the adhesive and we can pry the battery out with a bit of effort.

    • At the top of the motherboard there's a little tamper evident sticker.

    • We can remove the motherboard after removing five Phillips screws, and disconnecting two ZIF and two press connectors.

    • Front-facing camera is modular and easily pops out.

    • Rear-facing camera is soldered to the board and is not going anywhere.

    • Just the display assembly's left. How hard is a digitizer replacement?

      • Hard.

    • The Amazon Fire Tablet earns a 7 out of 10 on our repairability scale (10 is the easiest to repair):

      • The plastic case assembly is held together by clips and no adhesive, and opening only requires prying with an iFixit opening tool.

      • The digitizer and LCD panel are not fused together.

      • All of the screws in the device are Phillips screws.

      • The battery is modular, but it is held in place by somewhat stubborn adhesive.

      • Removing the digitizer and LCD panel requires fighting through some very resilient adhesive.

      • Manufacturer does not provide user-accessible repair documentation.

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