Acer's Predator 17.3" is a high-end gaming laptop with a hefty spec sheet and an equally hefty price tag. Luckily, it has a modular design and is easy to disassemble, earning an 8 on our repairability scale.

  1. Reference packaging shot.
    • Reference packaging shot.

  2. Device reference shots.
    • Device reference shots.

    • A single latch secures the optical drive—no tools are required to remove it.

    • Two screws release the cover for the hard drive, M.2 SSD, and two of the four RAM slots.

    • The hard drive is secured by a rubber casing that uses friction to hold it in place.

    • One screw secures the SSD.

    • Twenty Phillips screws and a lot of clips secure the rear case to the computer. Removing it takes some patience, but gives unfettered access to the internals.

    • Internal view of the computer.

    • The battery is secured by six Phillips screws. A spudger can be used to disconnect the battery.

    • The wireless card is secured by one Phillips screw and slides into a PCI slot.

    • Two screws secure each primary speaker, and their cables route to a single connector on the motherboard.

    • Beneath this piece of tape, a standard CMOS battery can be pried out with a spudger.

    • Seven Phillips screws secure the trackpad and button assembly.

    • Layout shot of the removed CMOS battery and trackpad.

    • The subwoofer is modular and lifts out after detangling a few cables. The three screws securing it were among the twenty removed from the bottom case.

    • The heat sink screw positions are numbered for correct/even pressure during installation.

    • Fans are simply taped to the heat sink, and can be removed individually or as an assembly.

    • The display hinge screws must be removed and the hinges flipped up to free the motherboard or I/O board (both of which are also secured by additional screws).

    • One display cable connector is hidden on the underside of the motherboard, but we discovered later that it's easy to access with the hinge trim cover removed.

    • Besides the motherboard and I/O board, there are breakout boards for the power button, macro buttons, trackpad, and SSD.

    • The power button board lies beneath the motherboard—modular, but troublesome to access.

    • Factory installed RAM is on the underside of the motherboard, and requires a bit of disassembly to access.

    • The front and back motherboard and I/O board shots.

    • Prying up the clips around the perimeter of the display hinge cover frees it from the chassis.

    • Now the display assembly comes free.

    • Disassembling the display involves using a pick to separate clips and a small amount of adhesive.

    • Four screws secure the display; once they're free, it lifts out easily.

    • The web cam and accessory boards are lightly adhered in place along the top bezel.

    • The Acer Predator 17.3" earns an 8 out of 10 on our repairability scale (10 is the easiest to repair):

      • A single latch releases the optical drive—no tools required.

      • A single panel gives access to the SSD, HDD, and two RAM slots.

      • Phillips screws are used throughout, with minimal use of glue.

      • Removing the bottom case takes a little patience, but gives access to the battery, wi-fi card, CMOS battery, touchpad, speakers, and fans.

      • The keyboard is not readily serviceable.

      • Manufacturer does not provide user-accessible repair documentation.

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is it the same in predator 15'6??.. my lcd display is broken.. can i removed it without diassembling other parts??.. or do i need to remove all and follow the steps before i can pull out the lcd??. thanks..

Jan Dominique Espinosa - Replica

I currently own this laptop and have experienced a buzzing noise in my left speaker when it reaches an internal temp threshold when using it. This guide confirmed that the speakers are detachable and not integrated on the board itself and I was better able to find a place that has replacements. I am hoping they work to fix it, but this guide was a huge help with that.

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