In the case that your keyboard does not work, you may need to replace it. This guide will walk you through how to remove your keyboard so you can replace it. You'll only need a #0 Phillips Head Screwdriver and a plastic spudger.


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  1. Use a Phillips head screw driver to remove the 13 screws in these locations.
    • Use a Phillips head screw driver to remove the 13 screws in these locations.

  2. Use a plastic spudger to pry up the bottom cover and remove it.
    • Use a plastic spudger to pry up the bottom cover and remove it.

    • Be sure to pry along other edges if necessary to avoid damaging the back cover.

    • Unscrew the 2 battery screws.

    • Make sure you keep these screws separate from the back cover screws; they are different!

    • Use two fingers to unplug the battery-to-motherboard connection.

    • Take out battery by lifting it up in the manner pictured.

    • Unscrew screw holding SSD card in place.

    • Slide out the SSD card towards you to remove it.

    • The SSD card is the blue chip on the right connected to the motherboard.

    • Be sure to store this screw apart from the others as it is a different length.

    • Remove the three ribbon cables connected to the bottom of the motherboard.

      • Use the plastic spudger to lift the white hinges from on top of the ribbon cables.

      • Then gently pull the cables out.

    • Remove 4 connectors from the right side of the motherboard.

      • All of these connectors release by simply pulling back.

    • To disconnect the connector shown in the third picture, you will need to peel back some tape first.

    • On the left side of the motherboard, remove one more connector and two cables.

      • To remove the cables, lift them up with a plastic spudger.

      • Take note of which cable connects where.

    • Remove the 2 fan screws and the 4 heat sink screws.

      • The screws don't necessarily need to be removed from the component, but rather just loosened enough to remove the component from the motherboard.

    • Now remove the fan/heat sink component.

    • Once again, make sure to keep these screws separate from all others.

    • Remove the 2 motherboard screws.

    • Now you can remove the motherboard.

    • Be careful not to damage any of the loose connectors and cables you disconnected in the previous steps.

    • Remove the 4 keyboard screws.

    • Lastly, remove the keyboard. To do this, slightly hinge open the laptop and pull back.

    • Make sure to be wary of the cables that connect to the display when removing the keyboard.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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