Removing the back cover exposes all the internal components of the laptop. Removing the back cover will void your warranty, so use caution not to damage any of the components inside.


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Place the laptop on a flat surface with the bottom side facing up.
  • Place the laptop on a flat surface with the bottom side facing up.

  • Place the tip of a spudger or finger into the hole on the battery release slider.

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Use the spudger to move the slider to the right and hold it there.
  • Use the spudger to move the slider to the right and hold it there.

  • With the slider held, use your other hand to pull the battery back away from the laptop.

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  • This step will void your device warranty.

  • Use the screwdriver to pierce the warranty sticker.

  • Unscrew and remove the #0 6mm Phillips screw and set it aside.


If I replace the chrome os Hard drive with one that has a Linux distro already installed will the linux work normally or is there something built in to stop it.

It's something I do with an old dell I use for checking out distros.



jack martin - Replica

I guess it's too late to answer this question now, but C710 is not IBM PC-compatible so standard linux distros do not run normally on it without any modifications.

You can flash a IBM PC-compatible bootloader(coreboot+SEABIOS) on it to run other linux distros.

cdac1234 -

Any suggested source for getting the 4 Gb RAM upgrade? Does this RAM have a model number?

rwells78 -

What is the hard drive called, or it's specific name, so that I may search around for a replacement, before taking my laptop apart?

Jennifer Munoz - Replica

Mine is a Seagate ST320L T020

Marshall Gates -

do not so what the second picture shows and leave the battery in!

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  • Slide the back panel towards you. The best spots to place your fingers are on the bumpers.

  • Lift on the front edge to remove the panel.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Once you have the back cover off, you can insert aluminum foil into a tiny connector, which will allow you to flash the BIOS and boot any operating system, not just ChromeOS. Using this method, I completely wiped ChromeOS from my C710 and installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Definitely worth it, because now I have a sub-$300 Linux netbook with a removable battery, standard keyboard with CAPS lock (most Chromebooks don't), and no ugly Windows key.

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