How to disassemble Acer Aspire - V5-572, V5-572G and remove the Main board.

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Switch-off the Laptop.
  • Switch-off the Laptop.

  • Remove 17x Philips screws.

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Start opening from the SD Memory Card hole
  • Start opening from the SD Memory Card hole

  • Use plastic tools to avoid damaging the cover.

Love the tutorial man...but this is the most moronic thing I've ever can take batery out of laptop 15 years old in a flash, while here you have to disassemble the whole %#*@ laptop...only idiots can come up with something like that

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  • Before doing anything, disconnect the battery.

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  • The battery is held by one Philips screw.

  • Li-polymer Battery Pack, 15V, 3650 mAh

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  • Disconnect the SATA Cable from the Mother Board.

  • Take out the HDD and remove the SATA cable from it.

  • Now you can change / upgrade your HDD.

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  • Remove 1x screw and disconnect the two antenna coaxial cables.

  • Remove the Wi-Fi card from the slot.

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  • Disconnect the Fan cable.

  • Remove the three screws from the CPU cooler and one from the Fan module.

  • When you change the Cooling system, you must clean the processor from old thermal compound and put new.

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  • Disconnect one by one:

    • LCD Display flex cable

    • DC Jack cable

    • USB Board flex cable

    • Touch pad flex cable

    • Keyboard flex cable

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  • Disconnect the Loudspeakers and the Microphone cables.

  • Remove 6x Phillips screws, 3x from the Main board and 3x from the hinge.

  • Open a little the laptop to open the hinge.

  • By hand, open the hinge to the end.

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  • Carefully remove the the Main board.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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where did you find your motherboard replacement? Or whats model is it? I need to replace my mb but cant find any online for sale.

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