This is the perfect guide if you're looking to replace stock speakers with a nicer set, or if you've blown out your current speakers in your Mazda 6. Speakers are fairly easy to replace as long as you aren't completely rewiring the system.

  1. Pop open the hood and locate the battery.
    • Pop open the hood and locate the battery.

    • Loosen the bolt on the positive terminal with the 10mm wrench.

    • Pull up and detach the terminal to disrupt power flow.

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  2. Pry open the screw cover on the inside of the handle with the small flathead screwdriver.
    • Pry open the screw cover on the inside of the handle with the small flathead screwdriver.

    • Unscrew the handle with the phillips screwdriver.

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    • Pull the handle cover down and out of its pocket.

    • Slide the cover to the right off the handle.

    • Detach the tab on the back of the locking mechanism to completely remove the cover.

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    • Peel off the rubber insert in the inner arm rest.

    • The insert should be glued down if this is the first time you are disassembling the door.

    • Unscrew the inner arm rest panel with the phillips screwdriver. This screw is holding the arm rest panel together.

    • On the passenger side the screw will be inside the upright handle. Pry off the handle cover and unscrew the screw hidden inside.

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    • Pry the power window switch case out of the arm rest with your flathead screwdriver.

    • Detach all tabs on the back of the switch case to remove completely.

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    • Pop out the cover by the outside mirror to relieve door tension.

    • Pushing from the left side of the cover might help.

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    • Pop out the door panel starting on the side closest to the door hinges.

    • You will have to tug it roughly to detach the tabs holding the panel in place.

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    • (OPTIONAL) Pop off the light cover.

    • Use a flathead screwdriver to press the clip holding the light from the back of the door and pull the lightbulb out.

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    • Lift the door panel up and out to remove.

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    • Unscrew four bolts holding the speaker with the ratchet.

    • Pull out the speaker.

    • Detach the connector in the back.

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    • Cut and strip the wires that were connected to the speaker.

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    • Check the speaker connectors to determine which one connects to the positive and negative terminals. The speaker should have a + sign next to the positive terminal.

    • Splice the wires from the door to the new speaker's wires making sure to connect the correct wire polarity. (The small connector wire from the speaker is positive.)

    • In the driver side door, the positive wire is red and the negative wire is white.

    • In the passenger side door, the positive wire is blue and the negative wire is yellow.

    • Cover and crimp the wires with the butt-end connectors.

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    • Attach to the speaker terminals.

    • The speaker should indicate the positive terminal with a + sign.

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    • Insert the new speaker and screw into place.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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