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重置 Windows Phone 会将其恢复到第一次打开时的状态。 你的所有个人内容都将被删除,手机将恢复为出厂设置。

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  1. 关闭手机。 长按音量减键和电源键。 当你感觉到震动,松开电源键。
    • 关闭手机。

    • 长按音量减键和电源键。

    • 当你感觉到震动,松开电源键。

    • 你会看到屏幕上显示一个感叹号(!)。

    • 按照以下顺序按键:•音量加>音量减>电源键>音量减•

    • 手机会重启。

    • 你成功了吗?

  2. The Essential Toolkit

    The most helpful tools in our most compact kit.

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    The Essential Toolkit

    The most helpful tools in our most compact kit.

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i have a challenge with my Lumia 520 i cant see the apps the screen is fine its difficult to format and everything in the phone is ok just that i cant use the phone its been given me issues and i have taken it for repairs they confirmed it needs to be flashed but i dont know what to flash it with as all the technicians i took it too couldn't flash the phone

godwing4 - Replica

Nokia Lumia 520 IMEI 358106054625804

Bawii Ali Sumail - Replica

Will this's reboot setting helps my Nokia 520 if the touch screen is lagging and i can only use my screen for certain things?

jessicaaa__014 - Replica

Hi my Nokia Lumia 520 is behaving weird lately,hanging most of the time ,touch not functioning well,.Recently it request me to do booting , what am i supposed to do?

Kizito. 28/5/2018

tobiaskizito -

What if my lumia 520 gets stuck on turning gears (reset mode)?

Sibusiso Dangazela - Replica

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