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For help on any trouble you may be experiencing, here is the camera’s troubleshooting page.

Background and Identification

This is a black tank-like DSLR camera with interchangeable lenses that has its model number (A850) painted in white on the right side of the device with an alpha symbol in orange engraved on the left side of the device. There is a pyramid shape on the top of the camera that signifies that it is a fixed, eye-level view finder. There are dual memory card slots. There are two display screens: the top screen indicates things such as battery status and shots remaining, while the LCD screen on the side of the eye viewer allows for the different settings of the camera to be shown and to switch to as a viewer for the camera image if choosing to not use the eye viewer slot. There are slots for HTMI and micro USB connections.

This camera has 24.6 MP 35mm format full-frame CMOS sensor (still the highest resolution in class), Dual Bionz processors, 3 frames per second burst, and AF micro adjustment. The weight of this camera is 850 grams (empty of any cards and battery) and has an optional vertical grip.

The price range for this camera is around 850-1200 in USD. The imaging camera is high resolution. There is a similar model to this camera, Alpha 900, which is an update of this model.

Additional Information

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