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Background and Identification

The HP Pavilion Slimline was released by HP in 2007 as a small form factor desktop with full processing performance. While it is primarily meant for small spaces, this desktop will fit in most places.

While this desktop offers a small form factor and full processing power and can be upgraded fairly easily with a replacement power supply, certain upgrades are impractical because of the small form factor layout. This isn't a problem if you do not plan on doing major upgrades, but is something to consider if you like to do such upgrades (or are considering it).

This system can be identified by the faceplate. These systems will say HP Pavilion Slimline on a front door that slides down to reveal a Pocket Media Drive Bay slot integrated into the system.


Due to the general nature of this Device Page and processor variation, specifications are not provided. To find out the specifications of the system you have, Google the model number and system part number (Ex: GN66A).

Additional information

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