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Revisione a Yotaphone 2

Massimo Pinto

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[title|Yotaphone 2]
[summary]Identified by model number YD201, the Yotaphone 2 is the second product of Russian's Yota Devices, with a front AMOLED and a rear e-ink screen.[/summary]
The '''Yotaphone 2''' has a 5" front AMOLED screen and a rear 4.7" ''e-ink'' display. As of late 2016, it supports Android version 5.0.
The phone was released worldwide in the year 2014, with the following hardware essential specifications:
* 2Gb RAM
* 32 GB storage, not expandable
* Single SIM card slot
* Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, Quad core 2,26 GHz
* Front screen AMOLED 5", 1920x1080
* Back screen e-ink 4.7", 960x450
* 2500 mAh battery, non removable by the user
First launched internationally in the top-tier segment of the smartphone market, the price of the Yotaphone 2 has plummeted throughout the years. Much that this may have facilitated its diffusion, lately, there is little or no documentation of the repairability of this telephone, and extremely limited information of the availability of spare parts.
A discussion on the replacement of the front screen was initiated on the website at this url: [post|222259].
An external source of repair documentation can be found here: []
Th official website of this product is []