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The Repair Academy

Professionnal repair training center in Toulouse, France. Great quality, very fast, reliable and warm welcoming! Expert microsoldering.


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Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Replacement

Replace the battery in your Samsung Galaxy S4.

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JBL Charge 2 Teardown

How to quickly disassemble a JBL Charge 2.

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Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Disassembly

We're going to disassemble the phone, which also allows us to replace the LCD...

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Wiko Getaway Screen Panel Replacement

We will disassemble the whole phone to change the screen.

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Netgear JWNR2000v2 Power Supply Replacement

We are going to bypass the original plug and solder the power supply directly...

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How to repair an iPhone that won't charge - Tristar Replacement

iPhone not charging: a few steps to find out what's wrong. Example on iPhone...

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iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo - Bootlooping

The iphone won't turn on and stays stuck on the Apple logo, here is one...

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iPhone 7 - Replace U3101 Audio IC

Fix the Audio problem that affects iPhones 7 and 7 Plus with this method!...