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VocaMacRepair - Apple Laptop and Desktop Repair


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At VocaMacRepair, we are available when YOU need us the most and not when it is convenient for us.

We will explain the repair process, so that YOU will understand it.

And, we actually will find the best solution, that is in YOUR best interest.

Sometimes it is just not in YOUR best interest to get your Mac fixed, for example: when the cost of the repair exceeds the amount of replacing the machine.

In that case, we will either offer to buy your computer or recycle it for free.

The Better Solution!

• Quick turn around time • Reasonable prices • At-cost parts charge

• FREE advice

Specializing in:

• Hardware Repair • Graphics / Video Card Repair • Memory Upgrades

• OS X Up and Downgrades • Liquid Damage repair • Data and Hard Drive Recovery Services

• LCD Replacements • Battery replacements • Laptop and Desktop Repair

And much more!